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Jamie Hewitt(non-registered)
I had not actually seen any of your work, but had heard that you have an exceptional gift of seeing.

Even pretty people are not easy to capture.

Very nice work!
Casey Key(non-registered)
Very Nice Bill. I did not know you took photos also - very inspiring.
Mary Ann Plemons(non-registered)
So enjoy coming here and seeing these beautiful pictures. Mama said a lady came into her apartment and absolutely loved the picture that you had framed for her of the lighthouse at Children's Harbor and wanted to know where she got it... I gave Mama the website name to give to the lady and told her what gallery those photos are in. Looking forward to seeing more photos! Hope you had a wonderful time in TN. Love ya!
Suzanne Dunkin(non-registered)
These are wonderful! You are so talented!
Karen Ingram(non-registered)
You are awesome. I had no idea you did a lot of photography. Love the pics
Dean & Lisa Hornsby(non-registered)
Wow Bill these pictures are awsome. You really did a great job. Loved the Bradford pictures of everyone. Makes us really miss everyone. Keep up the good work.
Jennifer Noble(non-registered)
I love the pics of the cats! You have some great pics!
Linda Cambre(non-registered)
Your photography is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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